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66 trillion euros on investments in the world to reach emissions 0

We already know that all the world is moving to a new economy, green and renewable, so the biggest organizations are planning some things to reach this objective before 2050, so based on some informs published by Energy Transitions Commissions (ETC) they bet that the way is improving on electrification based on renewables and green hydrogen.

About all of this we have some opinions from a group of the biggest companies like Iberdrola, Shell, Bank of America or BP, they conclude that making investments about 2 billion dollars we can get the objective on about these 30 years so easy. Also they talk about the need to improve the infrastructure in the electrical network, concluding that it would be only about 1.5% of the global GDP.

These investments on electrical networks are needed because it will provide us with clean, secure and affordable energy that will make it easier to reach the main objectives of decarbonization for 2050.

So the conclusion is that we need to be conscientious about these important objectives that need to be the same for all of us, and also the big companies need to have clear which are the main objectives, and take part of it because the most investments this next 30 years will be on renewable energy companies.

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