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26 Milion Jobs lost on latin american the past 2020

This percentage has changed from an average employability of about 57.4% to 51.7%, which equals to a total of 26 million of jobs destroyed in the past 2020, the pandemic year.

Also in this study where we found this information, from the International Labor Office, they point out that 80%, more than 20 million people, had to quit their jobs by force because of structural factors in their region.
The director of ILO, Vinicius Pinheiro, pointed on the conference the important of looking for a new normality also on the different kind of jobs in Latin American, for example on informality, low productivity, high inequality, forced labor or child labor, problems that nowadays are still happening in the most disadvantage places of the region.

Another data that does not accompany the possible recuperation that latin Americans experienced in the second half of 2020 was the increase of jobs on 60% of informal ones, what comes with worst labor conditions, less salary and less work hours.

For last, the forecast for this 2021 is not good, the ILO asked for caution, and they say that will be a better employability, but we must be cautious because of the uncertainty of the situation.

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