Consultans: The Busy Season

The consultants have increased the last year about 40% of their employee’s templates, and it is getting hard work but also accessible mainly for young people, or also everybody with economic studies. This gives you a good reputation on your curriculum.

This kind of job has been converted in a clear way to make visible the hard work and the extra hours, without giving importance to the person more than the project where he is working. Even working on weekends on the hardest moments, and with a huge stress and pressure that make the workers’ life depending on going every day to their office.

Although when they change the project and depending on the kind of client the work that they have to do can change, with some stages with easier or less work, but the big clients always come back and projects are huge so the journal gets harder and gets impossible to be done in 8 hours 5 days per week.

On some many polls we find some data about the auditors from the Big Four where they talk about how they suffered workdays about 80 hours per week. Above all this happens when the Busy Season comes, this is January, February and March, when the companies have to close their annual accounts.

The answer to how this kind of job is still done is always the same, the average salary is still some above the habitual, and the reputation that you can get is high. Furthermore, some polls point that if you like to work under pressure and you are looking for it, it has some gratefully moments, and also you can get good feedback from your client.

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