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Chinese inflation worries the global economy

In only one month we got an inflation increase of about 0.4% on the Chinese economy. This increase is the biggest since November 2018 and worries because of the bad moment that the global economy is going through, and leaves many unknowns about the factors that make this happen and also because this is happening while the world is on the Covid19 Crisis.

So from the National Statistics Office point some aspects that could make this happen, like could be the increase of a 11.5% about the price on gasoline in the second two months of 2021.

This forecast of inflation was situated by the experts around 0.3% that wasn’t a good notice, but as we can see the worst forecast was real.

We have to highlight that the most inflation was in the industrial sector, growing a 4.4%, mainly in the wholesale sector, the sales between big companies. Also these increments came accompanied by strong depreciation on the mainly coins on other countries because of the high investment risk.

All these Chinese inflations suffered between March and April 2021 have given rise to the increments on the global prices, coming with some international depreciations and the sanitary crisis, all of this makes that the future economic crisis will be so big if the international organizations don’t try to regulate this inflation.

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