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The pandemic increases the great global differences

The International Monetary Fund launch an alert, and this is that despite of this year 2021 is going to be the year with more economical increase on more than a half century, the global economy is constantly evolving into a bigger social inequality between all the countries and this is caused because the wealth and production levels are getting more and more distant.

This is caused by the unique conditions on this crisis respect to the others like the 2008 financial crisis. This is because now is not about economy only, it is also sanitary and about how to distribute the vaccines. This differences are getting bigger cause some countries can buy more and also they have invested a lot on the production of the vaccines on their countries. This is because they have a better economy situation and also a better infrastructure to product it.

“Although the outlook has improved, but they are very divergent” said Kristalina Georgieva IMF Manager. She based the affirmation saying that vaccines are not available for everybody, and nowadays a lot of people is still losing their jobs.

There is a couple of data that let us see the seriousness of the matter, actually we expect a production for the 2024 about a 3% less than what we expected before the pandemic, and a lot of countries will take a lot of time to get close with the biggest economies in the world.

We will see the main decisions on the next few years, mainly from central banks who should generate the financial capacity for them countries and try to do a balanced distribution of vaccines.

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