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Europe is facing the problem of digitization

As we already know the world is continuing changing toward a strong digitalization, and this is because of all the advantages that it gives us, like the accessibility to public services, a faster bureaucracy and it is an important source of employment.

These public jobs are considered to be up to 2.4 million job positions that could be created in the next 4 years, estimated time that the European Union considers we need to make an important advance to digitalization. This will come with a planned investment up to 300.000 million euros, as Boston Consulting Group said, where they point that the importance of digitalization has to be based on the red creation.

In his study they show a breakdown by parts about the budget for this 4 years, and it is divided by the half. Where the first 150.000 million euros have to be destined to hire and install massive speeds that are almost 1 Gigabit, and the other 150.000 will be destined to a total implantation for a new 5G technology.

On this information they also highlight the importance of a digital growth homogeneous, where specially in the rural areas have to get this investment because if this does not happen the digital divide will be bigger and it is already big. Also the governments must mentalize the small companies about this importance digitalization supporting the investment on the most needed companies and conscientious about the importance.

The profits on all this process are clear, more and better connectivity, faster bureaucracy, employment creation and improving the productivity of those countries where the GDP will increase by some 113.000 million euros. Also this will help the green economy since it could reduce the carbon emissions up to a 5%.

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