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Renewable Energy, the new example for the future

The Spanish Enterprise Acciona is going to focus their next year efforts to grow their subsidiary about renewable energy. This is how was announced the past week by the President Jose Manuel Entrecanales, and it is an activated plan for the renewables where they focus almost the 70% capital control. Just this decision will increase their profits up to 30% in the next 3 or 4 years, and where they have provided an annual growth of about 11% only making this renewable energy investment plan.

As an exact figure they hope to generate in 2024 a gross profit of about 1.700 million euros. Also they talk about a company IPO.

That stands out that this investment may have a huge world impact, because it will increase the energetic velocity, with a growth of 20 GWh in 2025, folding the previous capacity before this investment. Also this world impact will explain the distribution of the GW, where for 2025 they expect that it will be 88% concentrated on Mexico, United States, Chile, Australia and Spain. Last, and thankfully to all these measures Acciona will distribute all the profits during their business plan until 2025.

This is a new investment model on this kind of energies, mainly because you can get a lot of governmental help and it makes and easier exploitation of the project. Also this can be a marketing tool for your market because all the recognition that this carefully with the environmental actions does.

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