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50 Companies already represent the 28% of the world economy: towards hyper-concentrated capitalism

We all know that some big companies exist and they drive almost the 28% of the world economy, companies like Amazon, or Google, get almost all the power concentration on the markets depending just on some enterprises.

This is happening due to the global sanitary crisis, that give more power to the technological companies, and also this decreased bargaining power of workers. This concentrated powerful on just a few enterprises is growing up every past year.

Mainly this change during the sanitary crisis has become because of the company’s size, that was constantly growing, especially on the Stock Market, while the little companies has cross a financial hell. Also this change has become stronger because of the technology, this kind of companies takes the 21st places on a 50th enterprises list. This has to be regulated by governments, mainly because of all the personal data that they keep in their database.

This is making a big gap on the company’s market, we can see this changes on the average yield between this enterprise where about the 15% during the 90s, nowadays this is about the 30-35%, which means that the giants companies are getting more profitable than the smaller.

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