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Spain, the main destination of Latin American investment

Only behind the United States, Spain is the main country receiving this invested out of the region. With 42.663 Millions Euros of capital. Mainly this is produced because Spain serves a lot of Latin American companies as a gateway to the European market. Furthermore, they got a lot of confidence with the Spanish economy and the institutions.

Spain has received, in 2020, 968 million Euros in the region, a 38% less than the annual average about the last 10 years, but nevertheless it is still a minor fall than in the rest of the world where it is located at less than 42%.

Also, from the ICEX Spain Exports and investments, they stand out an unequal behavior on this investment all around the world, but that in Spain these investments aren’t disappearing but they are getting maintaining the levels and waiting to get a better situation to keep going.

Mainly the investment activity was about holdings, like this kind of operations has reached a 152% in 2020 respect the 2019, and this let clear the financial Latin American flow activity in Spain searching to get into the rest of Europe.

The main enterprises were the Argentine Technology Argentina Globant, the services company from Brazil IG4, also from Brazil Creditas, or the Argentine Veritan.

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