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The group immunity has become for UK

United Kingdom has become the first country in the world that can say that they got the group immunity, today 12th of April 2021, and after more than a pandemic year the day has become for them. 

Due to them speed in vaccination and mixing this with all the population that has already passed the virus they have managed to have a cumulative incidence on the last weeks of only 75 people of every 100.000 population. This has allowed them to remove the past Monday the restrictions, and start to reopen all the shops, from Pubs to hairdressings that where closed from before the pandemic, and also gyms and nail salons. 

On the first hand this will allow them to keep increasing the vaccination level while the economy start waking up, and their population keep recovering the social live and get better psychologically.

On the other hand, this will help them on the future to get a competitive advantage because when the rest of the countries will be economically waking up they will be already getting profits and getting increases of forecast about their GDP.

We hope that little by little more countries can get on this immunity group list. 

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