Schroders, a British archives manager, projects a faster recovery from the pandemic

This archive manager is nowadays working on more than 30 countries around the world, and they have been much more positive than other predictions about the global future.

The company compares this crisis with the Great Depression or the big Financial Crisis in 2008, and they assure that despite the uncertainties that still exist they augur a faster recovery all around the world. The main uncertainties are about the investments made for vaccines and how to distribute it and also all the information that we still do not know about the virus.

Mainly they based their reflection on the services sector on all the countries, because it is the main global motor and it has been stopped this last year. As well, for this company the services sector will be the sector that can boost the recovery because of the necessity and the desire of everybody to travel, to live on a new normality and go to the shops or restaurants again.

Even if we need to abide by new rules like keep the mask on everywhere or social distance in some many situations.

They end the reflection saying that this pandemic is like a war, where now all the global economy forces are working to combat day by day, and where a new normality will come as soon as possible. We hope this will get soon and all the global economy skyrockets.

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