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Europe is looking for investments by 1.5 billion euros value

What was learned globally after the Great Recession and the Financial Crisis of 2008, is the small economical capacity that it generates on the general population, also it generates uncertainty, job destructions and drops in wages. All of this ended up coming out to a lack of investment and less capital mobility during a long period with the crisis already over.

To try to avoid this after the sanitary crisis, the European Union has launched an 800.000 million euro recovery fund, that will be just the tip of the iceberg for the future recovery funds. Although this measure is being implanted slowly and generating some doubts while it gets to all the countries.

Despite this help plan, some presidents like the French Emmanuel Macron and some European economists cast doubt if 800.000 million will be enough after some many restrictions and 3 waves suffered by the continent.

On the other hand, Europe has relaxed their measures in fiscal matters with the member countries, making it easier for the governments to give public aid, and let them increase the indebtedness while the governments get the help from their central banks.

Despite all of this public spending that they want to open from the European Union, they emphasize that the investments have to be dropping to viable companies in those sectors more affected by the pandemic, because from the public debt today depends on the growing of tomorrow.

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